Patient Caregivers

Patient Caregivers

Retired grandmother sitting in the window of a village house.

Patient caregivers are recommended for families, arbitrarily domestic or foreign, but foreign caregivers are preferred more for patient care. They are preferred as foreign workers in many countries of the world because of being hardworking, responsible and disciplined, and because of the experience they have had in the service sector over the years. Working with an experienced domestic / foreign caregiver on matters requiring daintiness and skill, such as patient care and elderly care, can make your life easier. It is imperative that caregivers should be educated and experienced in emergency medicine in order to care for elderly people. We care about what you care. Patient care is a service that should not be mistaken and should be taken by professionals. As Artı İstihdam ve Danışmanlık, our goal is to provide you the candidate who has the fitment in accordance with the needs of the patient’s relatives within the shortest time possible. Our patient caregivers are reliable, professional, gracious, patient and hygienic.
Getting over this challenging process together, which will carry out all your patient’s needs as best as possible, supports you as well.

The Features of Our Caregivers

1) They do not smoke
2) A regular family life
3) Being responsible and ingenious
4) Being merry and having positive perspective
5) Being patient
6) being strict to hygienic measures
7) Referenced

You are at the right place on the matter of providing staff to families in the area of live-in and day companions, and certified patient care. You can contact us by filling up the “Family Application” form.

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