Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers

woman cleaning house at the same time in different places while one is supervising progress

Our domestic workers provide the services such as ironing, cleaning and other houseworks that need to be done at home daily. Since it is difficult for a working woman to overcome these works, working and then organizing the housework tires the woman both physically and psychologically after a certain period of time. Moreover, the situation becomes more difficult when it is not only home work, but also the care of the children as well. Actually these things may seem simple, but for a woman who is working and tired, these matters become trouble. We remove all of these troubles from you, and our domestic workers who are experienced in houseworks lend a helping hand to working women. Our domestic workers help the working women for not only cleaning but also other works that need to be done at home. Such a situation will allow the woman to abandon physical fatigue and make her feel good psychologically. When the working woman comes home from the work and notices that everything is done in a regular manner at home, she can spare more time with her family. This means a strengthening of bonds of love and respect among family members. Our house services lend a hand to a housewife or working woman who can not take time for housework due to some reasons, a man who lives alone, a family living in a big house, people who can not housework due to their age or health problems and other people with different profiles.

For housekeeping, Artı istihdam ve Danışmanlık is always ready to ensure that the places you live in look clean and well-kept and to help you perform such works with our shark and reliable staff. Cleaning service is not the requirement of only large houses and villas. Even the housekeeping and cleaning of a small flat is a problem at times. Our domestic workers are obliged to adopt the housekeeping order and to ensure that the family members live in hygienic conditions. They consist of people who are tidy, open to guidance, and careful to take care of their personal cleanliness first because sense of cleaning is different for each home and its members.

As a specialized company for housekeeping, Artı İstihdam ve Danışmanlık comes up with a solution to carry out your needs with professional staff. Our domestic workers are recommended to you with their reliable references and past experiences. You can contact us by filling up the family application form on the matter of providing staff in the fields of live-in or day domestic worker, couple domestic workers for villas, gardener and other proffessionals.

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