Company Staffs

Company Staffs


Companies increase their productivity in a manner of outsourcing by directing jobs except their core activities to expert resources and saving time-cost. Evaluation of business applications supplied to the companies with various channels for company staff and determination of the staff are costly and time consuming processes. Our staff members and the database of human resources created with personal applications consist of qualified persons at all levels that have achieved high success in the interviews and tests.

We provide you corporate support for best focus on outsourcing services by ensuring that companies focus on their core business, increasing productivity, lowering costs, eliminating start-up costs, and avoiding some legal obligations arising from increased staff numbers. Why is the company employee necessary?

You can take your personnel’s place who left the job temporarily with our company staff quickly with professional methods

  • In case of illness
  • During annual leave
  • During the education period of the personnel
  • During maternity leave
  • During military service
  • Or when the personel leaves the job, in case that you would not find a suitable workforce

You can make use of company staff to solve the labor needs arising from the rapid growth of your company

  • You can make use of our company staff to meet emergency orders or unexpectedly large orders.
  • You need new staff, but you have not yet decided whether to hire someone to work in a continuous position (or you will not hire someone in a continuous position).
  • If you need assistance in solving tasks that need to be done from time to time, we advise our staff members (eg organization of projects, arrangement of promotions).

Company staff for meeting the seasonal labor requirement:

  • Depending on the activities of your company, the seasonal workforce needs arise more and we provide you company staff support (eg, tourism, The New Year).
  • Increase in administrative work (year-end inventory count, new computer system, ISO works)